Another $65 to Finance NYs Far From Finest

We just got back from a walk to find that Suzette got a ticket sometime today. It’s a “plate missing” ticket that’s going to set me back $65. I will register her in the morning, and I figured it would be safe for 32 hours, but I always seem to underestimate the diligence of NY Police when it comes to revenue.

Lisa just said “They’re essentially no shows when something get stolen, like Suzie, but they’re all over the place when there’s revenue to be collected.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. New York is a study in doing the least for those who provide the most and vice-versa. Most police work in NY seems to be quite unconcerned about real crime solving, instead the carefully detailed and extensive list of infringements for which you can be fleeced of what you earn is where the effort and budget seem to go.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that the traffic deparment of the NYPD is actually housed under the umbrella of the NY Department of Finance. You can say that again, and again, and again.

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    NY is killing us! Now I get a note from Amazon that after June 1st NY state tax will be applied to all purchases. I guess the “use” tax wasn’t working too well…

  2. Larry

    Abuse tax more like. The nearing socialist regime knows they have you trapped here by the opportunities.

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