Providence & Newport, RI (June 7-8, 2008)

Lisa and I took a drive up to Providence and Newport for the weekend. We’d driven through Providence once or twice, or at least near it, but never really stopped to explore and see what it was all about.

It seemed a lot like Buffalo to me, there’s a lot of similarities: college towns with a lot of very young population, signs of former glory and significant wealth, beautiful architectural examples and neighborhoods, but also the very scary and depressing areas in all directions just out of downtown.

We stayed at the Biltmore Providence, a very roomy hotel next to city hall in the heart of downtown that was very nicely restored in the late nineties to its apparent former grandeur of the twenties and thirties.

On Sunday we drove down to the coast and explored around Newport for a few hours before we needed to head for home. Very nice weekend trip.

Slideshow to come…

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