Peter Murphy at Blender Theater (NYC)

So, we went to the Peter Murphy concert last night and it was, well, essentially a waste of time and money. We only ended up hearing two of the songs that we wanted to hear, and unfortunately we had to sit through 105 degree miserable boredom through album fillers until the 2 songs which were at the end. For the record, the Blender Theater @ The Gramercy (the venue) is a good looking venue but their inability to move any air at all made the concert hell, so two thumbs way down on the Blender.

Anyway, it was not the best use of a Friday evening. The story of the wasted money I’ll save for later.

An excerpt from “Cuts You Up”

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    The best place to experience the show was in the downstairs lounge, where you could sit on the sofa, watch the show in HD on one of the many 12:9 screens, and hear it both from upstairs and in 5.1 sound from the various speakers scattered around the room. It was also about 30 degrees cooler down there.

  2. Larry

    We were down there during the dramatic opening act, but wanted to be in the room for the main event. I feel like sending them some money for an A/C unit just because I feel sorry for the patrons.

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